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A Brief History of Vertaslag Development

In the early 1980's the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) commissioned several Universities to do basic research to improve the physical properties of electroslag welding, with the goal of increasing reliability and toughness. After a long and comprehensive research program, an improved version of electroslag welding was developed. This improved version is referred to as, "Narrow-Gap Improve Electroslag Welding" (NGI-ESW). The initial goal of the research was to improve the quality of bridge welds. However, now the entire structural steel industry can benefit from the improved quality and reliability of the NGI-ESW process.

Initial attempts bring the NGI-ESW welding process from the University Labs to the production floor proved to be more difficult than originally conceived. Assembling a system, made up of standard components, made the system extremely heavy and bulky; increasing the time and the cost of setup a weld.

Existing control systems were not adequate to control all of the variables necessary to make consistently good quality welds. The cost of moving and setting up this heavy, bulky welding equipment, and the cost of moving it from weld-to-weld discouraged fabricators from using the process.

To take full advantage of this improved welding process, in 1993, Arcmatic decided to develop a line of welding equipment that would be light in weight, easy to move, and quick to setup. We also decided then the electrical control system had to be computerized to produce perfect repeatability with every weld, without having to depend on the operator's memory or skill to produce good quality welds time-after-time.

From the beginning the goal was to develop an "off-the-shelf", "push-button ready" system that could provide simplicity of operation, fast setup, consistent weld quality. Combining the NGI-ESW process, with Arcmatic's newly developed lightweight modular components, and computerized control system is referred to by Arcmatic as our, VertaSlag Welding System.

Arcmatic VertaSlag Welding System - Overview

To date, Arcmatic has the only welding system specifically designed to produce NGI-ESW welds. This newly developed welding system incorporates tested and qualified welding programs that incorporate all of the variables necessary to make perfect welds. Existing programs can be recalled from the computer's memory by selecting the thickness of the plate to be welded. Fabricators can develop their own programs and assign a number to the program so that it can easily be recalled when needed. For special applications, Arcmatic can develop custom programs for our customers and transfer these programs to our customer's computer via modem.

The capability of connecting Arcmatic's computers to our customer's computer via modem also allows us to troubleshoot problems from our shop in Vallejo, California. If one of our electrical modules is defective, a replacement module can be shipped via air (overnight), and the defective module can be replaced in a matter of minutes - resulting in a minimum of downtime, without the need for our customers to employ expensive computer technicians. Before any computer-controlled turnkey system leaves our shop, it is thoroughly weld-tested to insure its performance upon arrival at the customer's destination.

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